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01. jul WWDC 2020 Highlights on StillApple

On Monday, Apple kicked off its all-online Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California, and since then tens of millions of people have watched the WWDC20 Special Event Keynote via live stream and on demand, across all platforms. There were more than 4 million visits to the Apple Developer app, and developers from around the world streamed 206 engineering sessions, including developers from Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, and the UK.

All week Apple developers have been engaging with more than 1,000 Apple engineers via the all-new Developer Forums and one-on-one Developer Labs, diving deep into the newest capabilities coming to macOS Big Sur, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14. Yesterday developers dug into the latest in machine learning with the Action and Vision app, built using Create ML and the Vision framework. Friday’s 51 sessions gave developers opportunities to explore new features, such as face sharing with watchOS 7 and Scribble for iPad in iPadOS 14.

This week we’ve been showcasing the biggest moments from WWDC20, including highlights from developer sessions, the most talked-about demos, the newest design features and capabilities across Apple platforms, and conversations with Apple executives. We’ve curated some of the best of what to Watch, Listen, Learn, and Play. And for a complete rundown of the Developer Forums, Labs, and 200+ engineering sessions, visit the Apple Developer app.

Here are some highlights from Friday.

Watch: Meet Watch Face Sharing and the Details of UI Typography

Developers learn how to share watch faces inside watchOS and iOS apps, or host them on the web, and explore best practices for using watch face preview images. Then, in another session, they discover how to achieve exceptional typography in their app’s user interface that will enhance legibility, accessibility, and consistency across Apple platforms. Visit the Apple Developer app for watch face sharing, and get up to speed on the latest advancements to the San Francisco font family at developer.apple.com.

One Apple Watch Series 5 shares a watch face with another Apple Watch Series 5.

Watch face sharing, inside watchOS and iOS apps, comes to Apple Watch.

Lines of code are displayed next to an image of an iPhone 11 Pro whose screen shows a typography lesson.

Developers learn how to achieve exceptional typography in their app’s user interface across Apple platforms.

Developers discover how people can take advantage of Scribble and handwritten text in iPadOS apps that use standard text input controls or that implement a custom text editing experience. Learn more in the Apple Developer app.

With Apple Pencil in hand, a user enters text onto an iPad Pro.

Entering text into iPad has never been easier with Scribble and Apple Pencil.

Play: Swan’s Quest Chapter 4

In the grand finale of this week’s Swift Playgrounds Challenge, players learn how to sequence multipart harmonies and discovered how to play pitched instruments with MIDI codes. Created for Swift Playgrounds on iPad and Mac, Swan’s Quest combines frameworks and resources into educational experiences for coders of all ages and experience levels. For a complete recap of chapters 1 to 4, visit “Voices in the Dark” (chapter 1), “A Time for Tones” (chapter 2), “The Notable Scroll” (chapter 3), and “The Sequence Completes” (chapter 4), visit the Apple Developer app.

Swan’s Quest, the interactive adventure created for Swift Playgrounds, is displayed on an iPad Pro.

Swan’s Quest combines frameworks and resources into educational experiences for coders of all ages and experience levels.

Developers reflect on a full week of WWDC20.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Highlights from Day 4 at WWDC20. 

Watch: Stacks, Grids, and Outlines in SwiftUI

Now available on iOS and iPadOS for the first time, outlines are a new multiplatform tool for expressing hierarchical data that work alongside stacks and lists. Developers learn how to use new and improved tools in SwiftUI to display more content onscreen when using table views, create smooth-scrolling and responsive stacks, and build out list views for content that needs more than a VStack can provide. Watch the full session at developer.apple.com/wwdc20.

Stacks, grids, and outlines in SwiftUI.

New tools in SwiftUI allow developers to display more content onscreen when using table views, create smooth-scrolling and responsive stacks, and build out list views for content.

Listen: A Conversation with the Cast and Creators of “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet”

The cast and co-creators of Apple original “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” revisit one of their favorite scenes from the series and answer questions from the Apple developer community. Listen to the discussion in the Apple Developer app.

The cast and co-creators Megan Ganz and Rob McElhenney of Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.

(Clockwise from top left) Charlotte Nicdao (Poppy), executive producer and co-creator Rob McElhenney (Ian), Danny Pudi (Brad), Imani Hakim (Dana), and executive producer and co-creator Megan Ganz of “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” in conversation at WWDC20.

Learn: Widgets Code-Along

In this three-part coding series, developers create widgets for their apps for the new Home and Today screens of iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Developers discover how to create a widget project, learn fundamental concepts for widgets and their structure, configure the widget and its provider, and start exploring timeline concepts. Learn more about the Widgets Code-Along in the Apple Developer app.

A widget project for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In the three-part Widgets Code-Along series, developers discover how to create widgets for their apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Play: Explore the Action and Vision App

In this session, Apple developers reveal how they designed the Action and Vision app using Object Detection and Action Classification in Create ML, along with the new Body Pose Estimation, Trajectory Detection, and Contour Detection features in the Vision framework. Developers explore how to create an immersive application for gameplay or training, from setup to analysis and feedback. For more information, visit the Apple Developer app.

A demo of Body Pose estimation in the Action and Vision app.

The Action and Vision app enables Body Pose Estimation, Trajectory Detection, and Contour Detection.

Here’s how developers reacted to the new features in SwiftUI and the Apple-designed Action and Vision app.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Highlights from Day 3 at WWDC20.

Watch: A WWDC20 Conversation

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, hosts a conversation with former Attorney General Eric Holder on the topic of race in America. This wide-ranging discussion touches on the fight for equal justice, how technology can empower people to change the world for the better, and ways to help in this moment. Watch their conversation in the Apple Developer app.

Apple’s Lisa Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Lisa Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Holder discuss race in America.

Learn: Design Great App Clips

App Clips offer fast, convenient ways for people to perform everyday tasks without needing to download or navigate through a full app. In this session, developers explore how to identify key elements from their iOS app to make a great App Clip. Visit the Apple Developer app for more information.

An App Clip for etsy.com displayed on iPhone 11 Pro.

An App Clip is a small part of an app experience designed to be discovered the moment it is needed.

Play: Tap into Game Center: Leaderboards, Achievements, and Multiplayer

Game creators learn how to level up their Game Center integration, enabling players to compare scores on leaderboards, earn valuable achievements, and engage with other players. Learn more about Game Center in the Apple Developer app.

The new Leaderboards integration in Game Center displayed on iPhone 11 Pro.

New features in Game Center add multiplayer support and the ability to integrate leaderboards and achievements.

Here’s what developers are saying about the new features coming with ARKit 4, watchOS 7, and more.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Highlights from Day 2 at WWDC20.

Listen: WWDC20 Playlist Collection

Discover the power of music in Apple’s developer community with this in-depth look at how music has inspired WWDC20 artists, developers, and Swift Student Challenge winners. Read the Apple Music feature in the Apple Developer app, and check out one of the specially curated WWDC20 playlists below.

Learn: Build Trust Through Better Privacy

Developers learn about Apple’s privacy pillars and its approach to privacy. In this session, they discover how to adopt the latest privacy features across Apple platforms that can help create more personal experiences while giving users greater transparency about tracking and permissions, when their app is using the microphone or camera to record, control over location with approximate location, and much more. Visit developer.apple.com to learn more about the latest privacy features coming to all Apple platforms.

User location privacy settings in iOS 14.

Users can now choose to share their approximate location with app developers, rather than their precise location when granting an app location access in iOS 14.

Learn: WWDC20 Coding and Design Starter Kit

Developers of all ages try their hand at building an app in SwiftUI from scratch, creating widgets for the new Home Screen on iPhone, and solving coding problems with accessibility and music in mind. Sessions will be held all week. For more information on the WWDC20 Coding and Design Starter Kit collection, visit developer.apple.com.

Apple engineer Jordyn Castor.

Jordyn Castor shares the latest accessibility features in SwiftUI, including VoiceOver.

Play: Detect Body and Hand Pose with Vision

Developers take the new Vision framework, which enables apps to detect body and hand poses in photos and video, for a test drive at Apple Park. To see the session, visit developer.apple.com.

A child playing a Ukulele to demo hand pose detection.

New APIs in the Vision app enable body and hand pose detection.

Here’s how developers reacted to the beautifully redesigned macOS Big Sur and new features coming to iPhone with iOS 14. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Highlights of Monday’s biggest news across iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 from WWDC20.

Craig Federighi kicks off WWDC20 with a preview of the beautiful redesigns to the Home Screen in iOS 14.

Jenny Chen demos handwriting on iPad Pro at WWDC20.

Jenny Chen demos new handwriting capabilities coming with iPadOS 14.

Julz Arney shows off Apple Watch dance workout at WWDC20.

Julz Arney unveils how Apple Watch will track body motions for popular dance styles for fitness, and announces new workout types coming with watchOS 7.

Yah Cason discussing Home app updates at WWDC20.

Yah Cason reveals the new capabilities of the Home app with HomeKit-enabled bulbs, video cameras, and other accessories, including Adaptive Lighting, which automatically adjusts the color temperature of a room throughout the day.

Yael Garten demos Siri at WWDC20.

Yael Garten talks about how Siri can handle more complex questions and automate tasks, and introduces the new Translate app for translating conversations privately.

Kevin Lynch presenting watchOS 7 features at WWDC20.

Kevin Lynch previews the newest features in watchOS 7, including watch face sharing, more customizable watch faces, and more.

Vera Carr presents new Maps features at WWDC20.

Vera Carr discusses the new Sleep tracking features on Apple Watch with watchOS 7.

Emily Schubert showcasing digital car keys at WWDC20.

Emily Schubert demos how digital car keys enable users to unlock and start their car through NFC, without removing their phone from their pocket or bag.

Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Technologies.

Johny Srouji discusses Apple’s journey to custom Apple silicon and transitioning the Mac to Apple SoCs.

Katie Skinner onstage at WWDC20.

Katie Skinner explains how users can manage their tracked data.Watch: Platforms State of the Union

Join Apple’s engineering leaders as they unveil the latest innovations and design features of macOS Big Sur, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 during the Platforms State of the Union. For more information, visit developer.apple.com.

Andreas Wendker at the Platforms State of the Union at WWDC20.

Andreas Wendker unpacks the newest developer tools announced at WWDC20 during the Platforms State of the Union.

Learn: Tim Cook Surprises Swift Student Challenge Winners

During the Swift Student Challenge winner meetup, Tim Cook and Esther Hare dropped by for a 15-minute Q&A session. To learn more about some of the WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge winners, visit apple.com/newsroom.

Tim Cook and Esther Hare with WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge winners.

Tim Cook and Esther Hare said a digital hello to WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge winners from nine countries around the world.

Here’s how developers reacted to the groundbreaking features in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14.


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